Sunday, August 23, 2015

Quality Control

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           The quality of product at every stages of manufacturing can therefore, be ensured by introducing some sort of controlling and monitoring mechanism in the production process. This controlling and monitoring mechanism is regarded as quality control system.

It is the operational techniques and activities that are used to full fill requirements for quality.


  1. In order to avoid confusion care should be taken to include a modifying term when refer   to a sub set of quality control such as “manufacturing quality control” or referring to a broader concept such as “company –wide quality control”
  2. Quality control involves operational technique and activities aimed both at monitoring a process and at elementary causes of unsatisfactory performance at relevant stages of the quality loop in order to result in economic effectiveness.
  3. The quality system should only be as comprehensive as needed to meet the quality objective.
  4. For contractual, mandatory and assessment purpose demonstration of the implementation of identified elements in the system may be required.

Three rules of quality control:

  1. No inspection or measurement without proper recording.
  2. No recording without analysis.
  3. No analysis without action.

The field of quality control:

It asks four questions:

  1. Can we make it ok? (Process capability analysis)
  2. Are we making it ok? (Process control monitoring)
  3. Have we made it ok? (Quality assurance)
  4. Can we make it better? (Product research and development and process evaluation)

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