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Wash and clean your moccasin shoe


Moccasins are as comfortable and durable now as they were in the past. Because this footwear is so foot-friendly, you’re likely to wear your moccasins often, eventually resulting in some areas that need a gentle cleaning. Whether the moccasins are short or tall, suede or leather, keeping them clean and cared for extends their useful life and their beauty.

It’s Important to wash or clean our shoes made from leather and other animal skins. Now a day, moccasins remain huge popular as comfortable, casual footwear. Most manufacturers still make moccasins out of leather or sheepskin or, so it's best to clean your delicate shoes by hand. Some manufacture also makes moccasins by using fabric like denim. Regularly removing dirt and stains is an effective way to keep your moccasins looking like new.

As you wear your moccasins, a soft leather shoe or slipper, they will become dirty. If only a few spots are dirty or stained, spot treat the shoes. If the entire shoe could use a good cleaning, clean the entire surface. Because leather is a porous material, do not wash the shoes in the washing machine. Keep in mind that the water can damage the leather, as well as cause the shoe to lose its shape. Hand-washing is recommended for both spot and all over cleaning with baby shampo or detergent.

Before we go to cleaning our shoes, let’s see how may moccasin types are?

If your moccasin is made by leather, it should be finished leather or suede leather. Now a day’s suede leather is using to make moccasin. The boat shoes which also moccasin are made by finish leather. The loafer and slipper also made by suede leather.
What you need to clean

  • Leather brush or toothbrush
  • Baby shampoo or detergent
  • Cloth
  • Tissue paper or paper towels (optional)
  • A piece of Foam

To remove loose dirt from the finish leather moccasins you will need a leather brush or a toothbrush. Alternatively, take the moccasins outside and clap the soles together to knock off soil.
Moisten a soft brush with cool water and then squirt a few drops of baby shampoo or mild detergent onto the bristles. Scrub the moccasins gently to get rid of stuck-on dirt and stains. Wash the tops of the moccasins and the soles.

Many moccasins have bow, saddle or ornament. If your shoes have any of these, brush them carefully to avoid damage.

Wet a cloth with cool water and then wipe the moccasins to remove the soap. Rinse the cloth with clean water after every few wipes.

Allow the shoes to air dry. Do not try to dry the shoes in direct sunlight or put them next to a heat source, such as an oven or furnace. For faster drying, stuff the toes (Front part of the shoe) of the shoes with tissue paper or paper towels. If the paper gets soaked with water, replace it with dry paper.

How to Clean Suede Leather Shoe

Suede, like prom queens, is made from the hides of lamb, goats, deer, and calves. What separates suede from full-grain leather (and prom queens from common royalty) is suede’s nappy finish, which is the result of the part of the hide used and finishing techniques. Suede is softer and more flexible (sexy) than full-grain leather. Suede is as soft as Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy. Try getting naked and throwing you on a quality suede sofa—it’s back-inside-the-womb softness. This softness, mind you, comes at a price. Suede’s nappy, textured finish is parched for moisture and grime—it gets as dirty as that prom queen after 36 rounds of peach Schnapps.

The easy way to clean any type of suede shoes, just take foam from your wasted sofa of buy a piece of foam. Cut the foam 2 by 2 inch. With this piece of foam just clean your shoes like brush. The foam will clean all the dirt from your shoe.

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