Thursday, September 6, 2012

California, DIP and DVP Construction

California Construction: In this process the upper, socks and the wrapper are sewn together. The last is then forced into the upper. Unlike other shoes, there is no opportunity  to take up the surplus upper  into the lasting allowance, so all the parts must be cut and stitched accurately. After the insertion of the last the insole or platform or mid sole is carefully stuck-on to the socks with in the stitched area by means of a suitable adhesive. Then the wrapper is lasted on it. The filler is inserted into the gap. After scouring the wrapper, the sole is cemented on by proper adhesive and pressed the shoe by air pressure to ensure good attachment.
California Process

This type of construction is used mainly  for casual and leisure type footwear particularly for ladies and children open toe and open heel shoes.

Identifying characteristics:

California shoes are often of the open toe and open heel pattern.

They have the wrapper sewn to the upper.

The advantages of this process is that they are extremely flexible and comfortable.

DIP(Direct injection moulding process):

In this process either sock lasted or string lasted upper is pressed to a sole shaped mould. The PVC sole compound is injected and it forms a permanent bond with the upper.
DIP Process
In this process for textile and vibox application of primer and cement is necessary and in case of leather lasting margin should be roughened. In this case the sole has long wear ability.

Many men’s work shoes, some casuals, children shoes and canvas footwear are made by the DIP process.

Identifying characteristics:

1.Area in contact with the foot is smooth and comfortable.

2. No stitches.

3.The sole in many cases extending over the side edges is bound to the upper.

1.Soles are attached to the upper in a single operation.

2.Shoes wear longer and offer good performance with completely water resistant.

DVP (Direct vulcanizing process):

In this process the sock or string lasted upper along with rubber soling material and in some cases rubber foxing is pressed at about 160 degree centigrade and at 3kg/cm2 pressure. The rubber becomes vulcanized with in 2.5 to 3 minutes.

In this case the sole has long wear ability.
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