Sunday, August 23, 2015

Quality Assurance

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All those planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service will satisfy given requirement for quality is called quality assurance.

The content of quality assurance

          If a company accepts the need for quality assurance, the next stage is to decide on a suitable form. A system may entails   more than final examination or extend to every  facet of an organization. It may be an informal system carried largely in the heads of supervisors or it can be a completely documented systems.

A documented quality system is one in which all aspects relative to quality assurance are approved and recorded. It includes objectives, policies, procedures, responsibilities work instructions, specifications and tolerances.

A document or a group of documents will formally demonstrate  to all interested parties, the attitude of a  company  to the subject of quality assurance. If a company can show that its documented quality system has satisfied an independent     assessing authority, then it can be regarded as one of “assessed capability”.


  1. Quality assurance is not complete unless given requirements fully reflects the needs of the users.
  2. For effectiveness, quality assurance usually requires a continuing  evaluation of  factors that affect the   adequacy of the design or specification for intended application as well as verification's and audits of production, installation and inspection operations  providing confidence producing evidence.
  3. Within an organization quality assurance serves as a management tool. In contractual situations, quality assurance also serves to provide confidence in the supplier.   

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