Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Standard Operating Procedure For Footwear Industry-Part 6(Raw Material Store)

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Hello everyone. This is the 6th part of this SOP. If you don't read yet the first 5 parts you can read them from the following links. In this part we are talking about Procurement department.


  • To store all necessary materials well ahead of production in order to give support whenever they need.
  • To maintain optimum stock level to avoid over/under stock. 

b. Main Functions:

  • To receive material as per purchase order in terms of quantity and quality as per approved swatch.
  • To store the materials in such a way so that they can remain free from all possibility of damage and can be easily located whenever they are needed.
  • To maintain a stock inventory as per item.
  • To supply the material on FIFO basis as per requirement and record it properly.
  • To monitor the stock level as per standard OTB (open to buy) and communicate with the purchase manager.
  • To adjust the stock with the new purchase requirement.
  • To increase the stock turn for regular items.
  • To remain well informed regarding the stock positions of all the items and participate wherever needed.
  • To monitor the old stock and propose for the suitable article to use it.
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