Monday, May 4, 2015

Standard Operating Procedure For Footwear Industry-Part 5(Procurement Department)

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Hello everyone. This is the 5th part of this SOP. If you don't read yet the first 4 parts you can read them from the following links. In this part we are talking about Procurement department.

Procurement plays a vital role in any manufacturing operation. It is more important in case of export oriented company where the quality and timeliness is a number one priority. Besides that the process ability and productivity also greatly depends on the quality of the raw material and the timely procurement.

a.    Objectives :

  • To make all the necessary materials available well ahead of production freezing.
  • To ensure the competitive price and quality as per approved swatch.
  • To maintain a very minimum stock level to avoid over and under stock.

b.    Main Functions:

  • To receive the material requirement just after the production plan.
  • To make adjustment with the available stock.
  • To select the best possible supplier considering the price, timely delivery and consistency in quality.
  • To maintain the suppliers data base.
  • To make purchase order with the appropriate supplier for the particular material.
  • To monitor their processing to ensure timely receiving.
  • To visit the supplier time to time to see their facility and educate them as per our requirement.
  • To invite suppliers to built good relationship.
  • To receive material as per approved quality and receiving date.
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