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Standard Operating Procedure For A Footwear Industry-Part 4(Planning Department)

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Hello everyone. This is the 4th part of this SOP. If you don't read yet the first 3 parts you can read them from the following links.

Planning in its broader sense means systematic preparation for action. To decide before start where a company want to go and how they are going to get there.

Therefore, planning is a rational process characteristics of all human behaviors for actions individually or collectively to accomplish certain objectives.

a.    Objectives:
  • To produce and deliver the right quantity of shoes,   
  • Of the right quality,
  • At the right time as required by the customer,
  • In the most economical and efficient manner.
Planning dept
Make Plan

b.    Main Functions:
  • To take export order considering the production facility regarding the technicality, capacity and the timing.
  • To consult with the sample dept. regarding the approved sample, specifications and technical details of the ordered articles.
  • To make a production file along with PD(Product Development) dept. detailing the specifications and the required quantities of material and issue to the concern dept. after necessary approval.
  • To study the consumption of material.
  • To make production plan to facilitate the operation to take necessary preparation in terms of machinery, manpower and material.
  • To give material requirement to the procurement dept.
  • To test material as per Buyer/Customer’s requirement.
  • To consult with the Production Managers regarding the machinery and manpower.
  • To make a checklist for all the necessary items such as equipment, material, accessories, auxiliary chemicals, packing materials etc. and update on daily basis to follow-up and ensure the availability on time. 
  • To maintain liaison with the customer, PD(product development) and make necessary adjustment.
  • To communicate with the customer and provide the necessary service to satisfy them.
  • To conduct a pre-production meeting with the concern people for ensuring un-interrupted production.
  • To give production schedule to the customer as well as the production people and follow it up to maintain.
  • To visit production floor for having a track whether the things are moving in the right direction or not. If not to co-ordinate among the persons concern for necessary adjustment.
  • To give inspection report to the customer for shipment approval.
  • To conduct the third party inspection where ever necessary.
  • To communicate with the shipping dept. for final shipment.
  • To confirm the shipment status to the customer after passing the final inspection.

To be continued............
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