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Quality Manual- Control of nonconforming products

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Control of nonconforming products


To prevent the dispatch of nonconforming products to the customer.


This section applies to the products which do not conform the required quality.
Nonconforming product


Non-conforming goods are identified during the checking of receiving section¬, Process inspection and final inspection.

  • When a major non conformance is discovered i.e. (one that requires a managerial executive decision regarding its disposition) it is so identified and segregated," subject to the appropriate management decision, the defective goods are reworked, accepted on concession, re-graded or rejected.
  • Where appropriate, the customer is consulted concerning any concession.


In our company quality assurance activities start from forward looking design and guarded down to the inspection stage.

  • During product development utmost care is taken both in terms of aesthetic and technical details.
  • When ordering materials or components specifications are made known to the vendor. If necessary he is educated, materials are accepted after the necessary checking is OK.
  • All equipment's, machine and instruments are maintained at top working condition.
  • Trained operatives are organized before production is planned.
  • Production file is prepared along with costing.
  • Regular spot checking of key operations followed by final checking in
    • Cutting of upper & bottom.
    • Prefabrication of components.
    • Compounding , rolling & moulding of rubber/crepe components
    • Injection of TPR/PVC soles.
    • Lasting conveyors.
    • Shoe finishing and branding of socks.
    • Packaging
  • During in process control if anything is found below level of performance corrective actions are taken.
  • End products are checked and inspected in three/ four stages:
    • By checkers in lasting line.
    • By inspectors at the end of lasting line
    • By quality control  personnel at the warehouse
    • Third party inspection as per buyer’s requirement.

Responsibility of “quality assurance” therefore, is shared by almost entire management of our company i.e 

  1. Product development
  2. Procurement
  3. Store personnel
  4. Floor supervisors/ production managers
  5. Quality team
  6. Buyer
  7. Third party inspector (Wherever required).

Further to this we   statistically analyze the customers claim if any and corrective actions taken through P.D. Dept. and production floor.

To guard this, wear test of the product is regularly conducted by the P.D. Dept. at development stages and afterwards from regular production line.

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