Sunday, December 20, 2015

Quality Manual Conclusion

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Quality has always been a primary requirement and considered to be the life, comfort and fashion of Footwear. There is no denying  fact that "Your Company name" had been following Quality Control System in the production process since its inception. Compiling this quality manual is a humble effort to put almost all necessary details of Quality Control System to ensure that the factory has a Manual/ Guideline in black and white to follow. In the beginning will not concentrate on the statistical Quality Control System. Should follow this after a while when have enough and required manpower to exercise that. Any positive inclusion in this manual which will help the factory in improving quality  is always welcome; but has to be done with prior approval from the  top management of your company. All need to educate and train their work force in line with this Quality Manual to try and streamline our quality system. Sincere and team effort only can help to improve in quality the sector.

Authority reserve's the right  from time to time for  correction or amendment any portion of this manual as per QMS standard.

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