Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Introduction of QC Manual

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Quality is the primary requirement for any product or service.  Survival of a business depends on the quality of its products. In the modern competitive world the importance of quality is felt more seriously. Quality cannot be ensured just by inspecting the product at the end of the line, it has to be built in to the product at every stage of manufacturing.

A manufacturer must be intended to ensure that the goods produced are of salable quality, are fit for their intended purpose and offer value for money i.e. Quality in any product or service is judged by its fitness for use.

In this connection, an adequate quality system need to be tailored to ensure quality of the product. Here we need quality assurance.  Quality assurance is a wide ranging subject, far wider than a simple check on the final appearance of product before dispatch to a customer.

 Quality assurance system embraces every aspects of manufacturing from the purchase of raw material to the finished article. It also takes account of such facet of management as documentation, process control, inspection, testing, corrective action and training. It will help to earn customer’s confidence that the product produced through the system will be definitely the quality product. This documented procedure compiled as a quality manual. This quality manual will guide to produce standard quality footwear in a consistent manner.

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