Monday, June 29, 2015

What is Productivity

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Productivity is the ratio of product output to resources input, which is the degree of effectiveness of resources utilization.
In short, it is the measure of efficient utilization of the inputs in the conversion process.

Productivity= Output/Input

Expenses etc

Production Unit
Service etc.
Spiral of increasing productivity and standard of living

Productivity is an attitude of mind that strives for and achieves the habit for improvement, as well as the system and the set of practices that translate that attitude into action:

  • In and by ourselves through constantly upgrading our knowledge, skill, discipline, individual effort and team work.
  • In our work through better management, work methods, cost reduction, timeliness, better systems and better technology so as to achieve high quality products and services, a bigger market share and higher standard of living. 
Kurt Lewin's model for human behavior can be expressed by the following:
Formula, B=f (I,E) i.e behavior is a function of the individual and his environment.
This principle provides a corner stone to release untapped human potential.
This Lewin's model expands in case of the productivity.
The productivity P=f (I,G,E) i.e the productivity depends on the individual, the group and the environment.
To tap productivity, each must be understood and managed accordingly.

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