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Introducing Management Training-Motivation first part

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This article is holding with two parts. Today we discuss about the first part.


  1. People are wanting animals. As soon as one of man’s need is satisfied, another will appear in its place. This process is unending and continuous from birth to death.
  2. Satisfied need do not motivate of cause behavior. Only those needs that has not been satisfied can exercise a great deal of influence over human behavior.  
  3. The needs can be arranged in a hierarchy of importance. An individual has a pre-determined order of needs. Each needs having its own rank level of importance to each individual.


The word motivation refers to activation from within the organism. It is an internal drive that incites the individual to take some kind of action. It is a stimulation to satisfy a need.

The motivational process may be described as consisting of three stages:

motivational process
Motivational process
  1. There is a need caused by internal dis-equilibrium. 
  2. There is a behavior caused by the need to established equilibrium.
  3. There is a goal that satisfies the need.
There are countless ways to classify and arrange the human need structure.  One way is to classify and arrange the human needs into two categories-
  1. Primary motive 
  2. Acquired motives

Primary  motives or lower level needs are those which arises from the nature of man as an animal and which do not originate in previous learning.
Among the most important lower level needs are hunger, thirst,  sex, pain avoidance, comfort, breathing etc.

Acquired motives result from the experience of an individual from the special instructions an individual has with his environment. These interactions usually cause learning to occur. Among these acquired motives are the higher level -  social needs as well as esteem needs and self actualization needs.

The final part is about motivational theories. Stay in touch.

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