Sunday, April 19, 2015

Standart Data Manual For Upper Cutting Manipulation Of Shoe-2

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This is the second part of the article. You can read the Standard Data Manual First part.

Direction of Stretch
Direction of Stretch
Direction of Stretch

The skin stretches differently according to the particular area.

In order to manufacture shoes without defects, it is necessary to know the direction of the stretch. To do this, fold together the left front leg to the right back leg, to produce two diagonal lines. In tracing perpendiculars to these lines, the direction of the stretch is found. The stretch is very noticeable on the sides (legs, belly, butt, shoulder). It starts to diminish and disappear completely at the centre of the bend. This applies to almost all skins, with the exception of kid, which stretch in all directions.

A component must always be cut so that the direction of the stretch follows the width of the piece, that is avoid cutting the stretch direction along side the piece.

To be continue for the final part.
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