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Glossary of Terms-T, U, V & W

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Glossary of Terms T

Thermoplastic Sheet
Thermoplastic material- material that will repeatedly soften when heated and harden when cooled. Typical of the thermo plastics are styrenes, acrylics, cellulosics, polyethylenes, vinyls, nylon and various fluorocabon materials.

Trermosetting material- material that will undergo or has undergone a chemical reaction by the action of heat, catalysts, ultra-violet light, etc., leading to readily infusible state. Typical of the thermosetting family are aminos (melamine and urea), most polysters, alkyds, epoxies and phenolics. They are normally compression molded and tend to be hard and rigid.

Throat- the central part of a shoe vamp opening where it is seamed to the front of the quarter.

Top lift- the top or outer layer or wearing surface of leather, rubber, plastic or composition on heel of
Top Lift
a shoe.

Glossary of Terms U
Upper- all of the upper parts of a shoe stitched together and ready for lasting and bottoming . It includes both the outside and lining of the shoe.

  Glossary of Terms U

Vamp/ Plug

Vamp- the lower part of a shoe upper which attached to the sole or welting.

Glossary of Terms W

Waist- the smallest part of the foot between the instep and the ball. Also the corresponding part of a shoe last.

Wedge heel- a heel ordinarily under 15/8 extending from the back of the shoe to the ball of the shoe to the ball of the shoe. The sole of the shoe follows the contour of the wedge heel, making a flat
Wages Heel
treading surface from the tip of the shoe to the back of the heel.

Welt-  the strip of leather between the upper and the sole to which each part is in turn attached.

Welt beating-  operation of lightly beating the welt into a smooth position around the edge of a shoe.

Width-  the width measurement is a straight line running across the bottom of the last at the ball or the widest part of the foot.

That's all Glossary of Terms. 

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