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Glossary of Terms S

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Glossary of Terms S

Safety box toe- a box toe made of special high grade steel inserted in a work shoe for protective purpose.

Sample- a shoe made for the use of salesmen to show the style construction and quality of the footwear being offered for sale. The common trade practices is to make sample shoes in particular sizes.

Shank- that part of the sole of the shoe between the heel and the ball or tread. Also the steel or wood piece inserted in the arch of a shoe for reinforcement.

Sheepskin- leather from the skin of sheep used for linings and slippers.

Side Leather- cattle hide cut along backbone into two sides for convenient handling; leather made from these after trimming is side leather. A large percentage of leather shoes are made from this.

Silicone- on of the family of polymeric materials. The various forms obtainable are characterized by their resistance to heat. Silicones are used in the following applications:
a. High frequency molds
b. Greases for lubrication and mold release
c. Rubber- like sheeting for gaskets etc
Split Leather
d. Heat-stable fluids and compounds for waterproofing, insulating, etc
e. Thermo setting insulating varnishes and resins for booth coating and laminating.

Sock lining- a piece of material placed over the entire insole on the inside of a shoe to protect the foot from stitches on the inside in certain types of constructions.

Split leather- any leather from portions of hides or skins that are split into two or more thicknesses other than the grain or hair side. Uses: upholstery, gloves, luggage. innersole, shoe uppers.
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