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Glossary of Terms- F

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Glossary of terms-F

Fiberboard- A firm, somewhat flexible composition material in sheet form made from new long vegetable fibers. Uses: counters, insole, midsole and heel lifts. Leather board is a type of fiberboard in which the fiber content is at least 75% leather.

Fitting Room- department where various parts of shoe uppers are prepared for fastening together by scarfing, skiving, folding, marking, etc. The term includes the fastening or sewing operations carried out in the stitching room.

Flange- made with a flare toward the bottom or top lift of the heel, folding-turning over the edge of a shoe part to form a finished edge. Performed by hand or machine.

Foxing- shoe upper material forming or covering the lower part of the quarter of a shoe. With rubber-soled canvas upper shoes, foxing is usually a strip of rubber covering and securing the joint between sole and upper.

French- cording-finishes top edge of shoe upper, usually made by folding and stitching in place a narrow strip of fabric over top edge of upper after lining is stitched in. Full face of binding or cording is visible inside and outside of upper edge.

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