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Glossary of Terms-G & H

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Glossary of Terms-G

Girth- distance around the last or foot measured at the toe joint(Technically, ball girth).

Grain- outer side of hide or skin including hair follicles which gives leather its surface character. Also surface of leather produced by special finishing processes such as embossing etc.

Glossary of Terms-H

Heat sealing- a method of joining plastics by simultaneous application of heat and pressure to areas in contact.

Heat setting- application of heat to lasted shoes, usually for a few minutes causing release of stress in the fibers of the upper material caused by the stretch of lasting. Heat setting can result in finished shoes with good fit and shape retention.

Heel breast- the part of the sole or shoe upper to which the heel is attached often shaped to form a rounded top which fits into the concave heel base.

Hide- pelt of a large animal such as cow, horse, etc.. as differentiated from calf, goat, pig, sheep and small animals which are designated as skins.

Hot melts- blends of a petroleum or paraffin wax with a thermoplastic resin such a EVA copolymers, nylons or polyesters. Hot melts are used as adhesives to provide tough, smooth coatings or to supply a stiffening or reinforcement which lends itself to shaping or lasting with the application of heat and pressure.
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