Monday, September 22, 2014

Golssary of Terms-D

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Glossary of Terms-D

Die Cutting- cutting shapes from sheet stock by striking it sharply with a shaped knife edge known as a "Die." Clicking and dinking are other names for die cutting of this kind.

Dinking- term used to describe the machine cutting of heavy leathers and other materials. A beam dinking machine has a long movable beam operated between two fixed sides. The beam is released by a trigger device operated by the cutter and descends to strike a sharp blow on the cutting die in much the same manner as the clicking machine arm. Beam dinkers are used for heavy work such as cutting layers of fabric for linings and soles. The dies used for dinking are heavier and thicker than those used on the clicker.

Doeskin- commercial term for white leather from sheep or lamb tanned with alum or formaldehyde.

Doubler- an interlining between the toe lining and vamp of the shoe, to aid in preserving the shape during wear. It is usually made of cotton twill or drill.

Dutchman- a thin wedge of leather or fiberboard inserted between the insole and outsole of a shoe, or between the lifts of a built-up heel, to throw the foot inward or outward and to correct foot posture.
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