Monday, September 30, 2013

How to make a stitchdown shoe

 After received the material we are going to cut the leather with the cutting knife(die). See bellow a stitch down upper components.
Upper cut components of a stitch down shoe.
 After cutting all component of a pair of shoe quality checked the components. If the components are OK then quality pass it to the sewing dept for sewing.

Sewing: Sewing dept. attach every part/component of shoe with proper stitch same as the approval shoe sample. If the shoe has lining, sewing dept. attach the lining. That means sewing dept. makes the complete upper from the components. After completing the upper sewing quality check every individual upper and send it through the lasting section for assembling. See bellow a ready upper of the shoe.

Lasting or Assembling:  All shoes are finished at this department. A lot of job has been done here to make a quality shoe. This is where all the parts of a shoe assemble. We are in a process of a stitch down shoe. See bellow how a operation wise lasting line set for a stitch down shoe.

Counter Moulding
Input Upper and Last
Insole Board attach
Toe Steam
Toe Lasting
Toe Pressure
Side lasting
Side pressure and cutter
Sole primer
Sole joint
Sole Pressure
Sole side cutter
Sole Side buffing
Sole side finishing
Sole Side trimming
Cosmetic Operation
Side gap reparing
Cementing for socks
Putting Socks
Attach sticker
Sole cleaning
Insert tissue

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