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Strictly Indoor shoes

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The empress Josephine of France reportedly showed her shoe maker a dance slipper that developed a hole after just one wearing. "Ah, i see what the problem is, Madame," he exclaimed. "You have walked in them!" Clearly, the slipper is a special kind of shoe. As the name implies, a "slipper" is a covering into which a foot is easily slipped; worn by both women and men, the indoor shoe is soft-soled and lightweight. The mule, although sometimes called a slipper, is a backless shoe that can be worn outdoors as well as indoors. Often wonderfully decorated and considered the epitome of comfort, slippers have been widely worn for centuries. Ins Europe and North America, slippers were once footwear for the privileged few, but mass production in the 19th century enabled ordinary people to slip into them readily- which they have done with pleasure ever since.
The Gold-Embroidered Indore shoe

These gold-embroidered mules are from late 19th century Europe; in spite of their delicate appearance, the mules were probably worn both indoors and outside.
House Shoe-Indore shoe
These examples of 19th century men's "house shoes", also popularly called slippers in their time, feature elaborate needlework. The slippers were frequently made at home by women for their husbands and sons.
Slippers-Indoor shoes
 Both slippers are from 19th century Italy. The man's slipper(left) and woman's slipper(right) feature gold-embossed Florentine work of flowers and leaves, a decorative touch that was very fashionable at that time.
Luxury Indoor shoes
Three mules from 17th century Europe make use of luxury fabrics; fine silk embroidery (left), silver lace over velvet (middle) and brocaded Chinese silk(right). During this period, mules were popular with both men and women.
Indoor shoes of US,1980
The elaborately embroidered and decorated mules with matching ribbons are from the United States, mid-1800s. Although they could have been worn outdoors, they probably never were.
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