Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Different type of shoes as per design-2

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In Previous post we see the type of

In this post we are going to see the following type of design

Monk Strap:
Monk strap shoe

  • Strap is over the instep.

  • Has a one or two piece of upper

Brogue shoe

  • A rugged look obtained by rows of punching and gimping (started edges) on the cap and quarters.


  • Designed to meet the requirement of a professional or amateur athlete is a particular type of sports.

Strap Shoe:
Strap shoe

  • Any shoe secured by means of a strep.

  • There are several type of strap shoes like- T-strap, Sling Back, Sandal etc.


  • A micro cellular or EVA sole with rubber or PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) straps inserted through the sole in pre-drilled holes.


  • A general term denoting a style covering the foot height than the ankle (Up to the knee or higher)

  • Many Variations.


  • A woman or girls shoe with a very low heel and sole.

  • Same as pumps without the heel difference.
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