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Different type of shoes as per design-1

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As per design type there are the following type of shoes are available.

True Moccasin:
A True Moccasin

  • Upper material passes under the foot without seams

  • Has an apron on top and is hand sewn together

  • Most flexible type of construction.

Oxford Shoe:
A Oxford Shoe

  • A general term indicating a low-cut shoe with lacing over the strep.

  • Front edges of the quarter are stitched under each the rear edge (throat and wings) so that the eyelet facings (or tabs) cannot see palate at the bottom.

  • Comes in many variations.

Derby Shoe:
A Derby Shoe

  • Different from the oxford only in that the front edges of the quarters are stitched on top of the vamp and only as far as the tabs so these can open.
  • Usually a different corner between the front of the tab and the curve of the side seam instead of a continuous curve.

Pump Shoe

  • A low-cut design exposing the instep and because it fits snugly it has no means of fastening.

  • Variation include: D'orsy and Gore.

Sneaker Shoe

  • Has light weight moulded or injected sole and textile upper material.

  • Sometimes has a cord wrapped all around a cemented sole.

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