Monday, December 7, 2015

Quality manual- Process inspection

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Process inspection of Quality manual.


To establish and maintain documented procedures for process inspection in order to verify that the specified requirements for the product are met.


This section applies to the product being produced in the factory.

Quality control is one of the most important functions in production. It cannot be   “Inspected into shoes at the end of the line”.

Quality must be built into the shoes at every step in the manufacturing process.  Substandard quality must be identified and corrected when it occurs in the manufacturing process.

This process quality control concept rest on three basic principles

  1. Only good materials are used
  2. Operations are performed correctly
  3. Any defects are corrected when they occur during manufacturing

This quality control system moves the quality supervisor into the main stream of production and makes him a process quality controller.

In line with that operator should

  • Receive Good Work
  • Perform Good Work
  • Supply Good Work

During the production of shoe the operator’s finished work is checked by line supervisor. A Roaming QC supervisor moves from one operator to another at random inspecting the quality of products.

The basic flow of quality in the entire factory can be depicted graphically as below:
Total QC Process at a glance

From next post we discuss quality process inspection in individual dept
  1. Cutting and pre-fabrication
  2. Sewing
  3. Outsole and Sole finishing 
  4. Lasting and finishing

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