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Quality Manual-Receiving Inspection-Leather and PU

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It's very important to make quality inspection of all kind of in-house material.

Let's Proceed to Receiving Procedure.


To establish and maintain documented procedures for receiving inspection in order to verify that the specified requirements for the product are met.


This section applies to all the materials used for producing shoes in your factory are quality checked.

Raw material plays a very important role in making a quality product. Even the most outstanding manufacturing methods cannot compensate for defective materials. In line with that the raw material and accessories in housed are inspected before adding on the stock.


  • Leather is checked with the approved swatch (color, shade, thickness, texture etc). If it doesn’t match, is returned. Then the leather is selected in three different grades on the basis of usability avoiding defects.
    • Grade A – usability 90 – 100%
    • Grade B – Usability 80 – 89%
    • Grade C – Usability 70 – 79%
After making this grading, it has been reported to the Top Management for his decision. Normally Grade C is returned.

Sometimes Grade B is sending back for correction to improve the usability or negotiated with the supplier for reduction to a reasonable extent.

Possible defects in the leathers are:
Flow Chart Of Leather Store

  • Scratches or blemishes in the grain.
  • Brand marks in the butt.
  • Growth marks in the neck.
  • Warble and tick marks.
  • Loose grain.
  • Holes in the butt.
  • Loose flank-bigger flanks.
  • Stain marks in the reverse side.
  • Poor trimming.
  • Coarse finish break.
  • Butcher cuts etc.

Leather Inspection Report should like this

Leather Inspection Report
 Fabric/ PU Store:

Fabric/PU comes on roll form. While receiving rolls are counted and matched with the purchase order and the approved swatch and also get it approved by the sample dept. Quantity written on the roll is recorded.  Length is checked while making lay during use in the cutting dept. and accordingly communicated to the supplier for necessary settlement.

Flow Chart of Fabric or PU Store.

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