Monday, December 14, 2015

Quality Manual-Inspection Process- Lasting and finishing

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This is the final process of a shoe making

  • After every critical operation there is a checker, up to the finishing. Then checking of ready shoe on the line pair by pair by quality checker before packing and making report.
  • Random checking by the quality supervisor as per AQL requirement after checking by the quality checker before packing and making report.
  • Sole bonding test after finishing and making report.
  • Checking by the quality assurance in-charge after ratio packing in the master cartoon as per AQL requirement and making report. To make recheck if the consignment fails AQL requirement.

Process inspection of Lasting and finishing dept.
Check points:
    • After lasting
    • After buffing
    • After un-lasting
    • After finishing on quality table
    • Roaming check by quality supervisor.

Documents used:

  • Daily Quality Report by individual checker.
  • Daily Quality Report recapitulation as per Department.
  • Random inspection report.
  • Corrective & Preventive action report.
  • Daily Process parameter test report.

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