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Standard Operating Procedure For Footwear Industry-In process Quality Control

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Hello everyone. This is the quality final part of the SOP. Lets see the In Process Quality Control.

If you aren't read the quality first part click to read First part

Quality control is one of the most important function in production. It cannot be "inspected into shoe ate the end of the line."

Quality must be built into the shoes at every step in the manufacturing process. Substandard quality be identified and corrected when it occurs in the manufacturing process.

This process quality control concept rest on three basic principles.

  1. Only good materials are used
  2. Operations are performed correctly
  3. Any defects are corrected when they occur during manufacturing.
This quality control system moves the quality checker into the main stream of production and makes him process quality controller.

The process quality controller makes a statistical quality control check at several critical check points in the process, at regular intervals. He measures and counts he does not guess.

In line with that Operator should

  1. Receive good work
  2. Perform good work
  3. Supply good work

In-Line Inspection: During the production of shoe the operator's finished work is checked by line supervisor. A quality inspector moves from one operator to another at random inspecting a predetermined number of parts from a finished lot.

At the final stage checking by the quality checker after ration packing in the master cartoon as per AQL(Accepted Quality Level)  requirement and making report. To make recheck if the consignment fails AQL Requirement.
Accepted Quality Level
AQL Chart

All the above checking is carried out on the basis of approved reference sample. Besides that on the basis of the quality report preventive/corrective action are initiated the the quality dept. They also check the processing parameters such as time, temperature and pressure on daily basis.

Ok thats all. I think it will help a footwear manufacturer to help make their own company SOP.

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