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Standard Operating Procedure For Footwear Industry-Production Process(Lasting & Finishing)

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Hello everyone. This is the Production part (Lasting and Finishing) of this SOP. If you don't read yet the Sewing parts you can read from the following links. In this part we are talking about Lasting and Finishing department where a shoe packed.

It is the process in which all the component parts of the upper and bottom are brought together to construct the shoe. Various construction processes are used for shoe assembling depending on the style.

a. Objectives: 

  • To make shoe as per plan, style and size assortment within the stipulated time.
  • To ensure the best utilization of the resources (man, machine and material).
  • To ensure the making of right quantity of shoe of the right quality in the most efficient manner. 

b. Main Functions:

  • To make an analysis of the file, production plan received from the planning Dept.  and the approved sample. In case of any deviation to be communicated to the person concern and get it corrected.
  • To make sure that the necessary equipment, machinery and manpower are available well ahead of production start time for avoiding any sort of interruption during production.

Receiving of components: 
  • Ready components (upper, insole, sole etc.) are checked, counted pair by pair as per style, approved sample, color, size assortment and receive from the sewing dept. as well as from the store. 

Receiving of auxiliary items.

  • Requirement for the corresponding accessories such as, shank, welt, needle, thread, necessary chemicals, packing material etc.  is given to the store and received accordingly.
Work specification for lasting and finishing
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Practical shoe making:

There are seven different types of construction are in practice in a standard company. Namely

  • Moccasin Process
  • Stitch Down Process
  • Cemented Stuck-on Process
  • California Process.
  • Goodyear welt process
  • Stitch & turn process 
  • Espadrilles.

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