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Work Simplification for Company and Employee

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Hell friends, This is not about shoe making. But its important to simplify work simplification to help increase productivity. So its very necessary  for a manufacturing company.

Work simplification is the organized use of common sense to find easier and better ways of doing work. Work simplification is a straight forward methods improvement program with no ulterior motive. It is not a speed up program and it is not designed to separate people from their job. Work simplification is not mean to force people to work harder or faster. The work simplification slogan that is used most frequently

“Work smarter not harder”.

a example of work simplication
Work SImplication

Work simplification is a practical tool. It involves uncomplicated improvements which simplify every day’s job and make them easier to perform. It has been known in many other names,

  • Method improvement.
  • Work methods program.
  • Job improvement program.
  • Work study etc.
Advantages of work simplification
  1. It makes job easier.
  2. It increases output.
  3. It improves quality.
  4. It reduces cost.
  5. It eases the burden of supervision.

Work simplification benefit:
  1. The employees.
  2. The company, and
  3. The society.
How the employee benefits:
  1. A decent standard of living for them and their families.
  2. The knowledge that they secure in their job.
  3. The satisfaction of working for a profitable progressive company.
  4. Satisfactory working conditions.

These things can only come from well managed and profitable company.The application of work simplification principle can aid employees by“Helping their company by making more competitive”
Thereby maintaining wages, providing job security and increasing personal and professional pride improving their job to make them easier.

Thus providing better and safer working conditions and less tiring work.

How the Company gets the benefit:

Company benefit by making profit and by the development of the company.

How the Society gets the benefit:
Consumer benefits from the availability and the prices at which they can obtain the product.

The five steps to work simplification

  1. Select a job to improve.
  2. Get the facts analyzing the job.
  3. Challenge every detail-list the possibilities
  4. Develop better method.
  5. Install the improvement.

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