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Glossary of terms M

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Glossary of terms M

Manmades- materials made by chemical processes such as synthetic textile fibers and most plastics, or regenerated natural polymers such as cellulose and collagen to form paper, rayon or reconstituted leather. Most so-called natural rubber, also undergo extensive chemical processing in order to bring out or impart desirable properties.

Making- One of the major operations in shoe making. Outsole edges are finished, and a number of related operation completing the construction of a shoe are performed.
Marking- marking or stamping the size, case number, stock number, and similar information on the lining of a shoe. The stamping of trade names and numbers on socks linings, heel pads and soles is called branding or embossing because it is done with a heated brand or die.

Midsole- a sole of leather or other material placed between the outsole and the insole.

Model- frequently used to describe (1) and individual style in a line of footwear; (2) the paper patterns from which shoe cutting patterns are made; (3) the last from which a complete set of lasts is graded
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