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Basic of shoes-Synthetic and others

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  • Synthetics: Synthetic upper materials are most commonly made of coated fabrics. Coated fabrics can be grouped in three main categories:
  • PUCFs for uppers are made of cotton or polyster/cotton base fabrics with a thin coating polyurethane on the fabric base. PUCFs were developed in the late 1960s for upholstery and clothing as well as footwear. In coagulated materials, the fabric is impregnated before the coating is applied. Transfer coated materials have a thin coating of polyurethane on a raised fabric base. Woven cotton or polyester/cotton base fabrics are usually used for this purpose.
          The properties of PUCFs for uppers are:
    • Good imitation of the softer leathers: Polyurethane-coated fabrics are a good imitation in appearance and feel of the softer leathers and they are available in a wide range of colors.
    • Soft and light-weight
    • Comfortable to wear
    • Less durable than leather and they are prone to abrasion damage and snagging. This is PUCFs main disadvantage.
  • PVC-coated fabrics for uppers are made of a woven. Knitted or non-woven bases are coated with a layer of plasticised PVC which may have a solid or a cellular structure.
  The Properties of PVCs for Uppers are:
    • Little "give" to the foot. Synthetic shoes do not have permanent "give" like leather and do not tend to return to their original shape and size when the shoes are not being worn. This is a factor to be considered by the sales associates when they are fitting shoes. The shoes must be of adequate size and comfort when they are tried on because it is unlikely that they will become more comfortable in wear.
    • Impermeable to water vapor: The main synthetic upper materials use are not as permeable to water vapor as leather. Some people will find them not as comfortable to wear, particularly in closed style shoes.
    • Good abrasion resistance: In wear, these materials usually have good abrasion resistance. But it is common for glossy finishes to gradually become dull.
    • Easy to clean
    • Comparatively inexpensive.

  • Poromerics-coated fabrics for Uppers are made of a textile and/or polymer base with a thick porous polyurethane surface layer.
         Poromerics is a name given to a type of synthetic material possessing a leather like appearance and properties. Particularly with regard to permeability of foot perspiration. Generally, they resemble the firmer leather such as calf and side.
          Most poromerics  have a thick surface layer which is equivalent to the grain layer in leather, and a textile and/or polymer base.

         The properties of poromerics for uppers are:
    • Good wear performance: Poromerics retain surface appearance well and are easy to clean.
    • Reasonably water repellent: Poromerics are more water repellent than most leathers.

Fabric for shoe upper

PU for shoe upper

  • Fabrics: A wide range of fabrics is used for shoe uppers, both outers and linings. Fabrics outers are necessarily heavier in weight and are usually of woven(canvas) of kint construction in natural or synthetic yarns, usually combined with another textile for uppers. Linings also include woven and knitted fabrics as well as non-woven textiles which can be impregnated with plastic to increase their durability.
          Fabrics include a wide variety of natural and man-made fibers:
    • Cotton
    • Wool
    • Nylon
          The Properties of fabrics for uppers are:
    • Innovative and technical: Most of the forward thinking in the area of materials comes from the textile side of our industry. In particular, the newest trend becoming increasingly significant is "stretch" textiles.
    • Low cost
    • Durable
    • Provide soft surface and long wear
    • Create cushion though fiber (lining)
    • Wick moisture and reduce heat.

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