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Sequential Operations in assembly conveyor for closed shoes-final part

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Welcome back to the final part of this article. Have you read the First part of this article?
OK in the first part we finished heat setting operation. After that what happens.
Stuck On Shoes

         8.Roughing/ Buffing: An operation which is a key to good sole adhesion is roughing. Excess material at the toe and heel must first be removed. Then complete margin should be roughed. Care must be taken that the roughing is up to the feather line  and neither chunks of the lasting margin are torn off nor same spots are left unroughed. Roughing dust must be completely removed by an adequate exhaust system on the roughing machine.

        9. Cementing of lasted shoe and sole: Cement should be applied to the lasted shoe particularly on the lasting margin very carefully so that there are no excessive areas or starved surfaces and then put the filler.

       10.Drying of Adhesive layer: Adhesive must be first dried at an ambient temperature to ensure that the solvents have escaped then forced dry if required according to climate condition. Anzani conveyor has the facility on top of the cementing zone and also a controlled drier with a flexibility of 0-60 sec indicated by percent.

      11. Reactivation: Reactivation of the adhesive film on the lasted shoe and unit sole is important for better adhesion. The correct temperature is 80˚-90˚c for 5-6 sec. 

     12. Sole laying and pressing: Laying sole to lasted upper is one of the most critical operations in quality. First toes of last is joined to the toe of unite sole then heel and ensure that it is accurately joined. The waist portion is then pressed into position joining last to the unit sole. The assembled lasted upper and sole is then pressed in sigma press.  

      13. Cooling: Cooling is necessary for shape retention which is done in cooling unite.Temperature varies from 05˚-10˚c.

      14. Unlasting: Unlasting to be done carefully to restore the shape of the shoe which is done in unlasting machine.

      15.Cleaning: Shoe should be completely cleaned by brushing or by using crepe to ensure there are no spots, no adhesive, no thread ends. If any grease or oil masks is found an upper it should be cleaned with a suitable cleaning agent.
      16. Insert socks: Socks are carefully cemented on bottom side to insert into the shoe. Ensuring that there is no touch of adhesive on the top side. The socks must be accurately positioned, so that all the brand marking can be straight and clearly visible.

     17. Checking: The shoes must be thoroughly checked form all sides before packing into boxes before that laces must be put on shoes in a beautiful manner.

     18. Packing: Packing must be attractive and should be dine very carefully.

These are the processes of a closed shoe making. Hope it will help you. And Also you can buy Running Shoes From Ebay
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