Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some Exclusive Shoes-you never seen before

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From the earliest gleanings of footwear history from around the world, we know that shoes have always been status symbol, worn especially by person of power authority. Overtime shoes transcended purely practical application and became, as objects of beauty in themselves, essential fashion accessories. In many cultures, shoes have long been associated with religious practices. And specially designed shoes have also enabled people to perform more effectively, whether their undertakings involve work, dance or sports.

Have a look some old awesome shoes with details
Fashion and aesthetics are the primary ambitions of this beautiful pair of hand embroidered  stain boots by Pinet, late 19th century France.

Protection and performance are both represented in this double rubber-walled insulated boot of 1980. Designed for U.S. Military personnel serving in the subzero Arctic, the boot protects the foot from extreme cold; it can also be pressurized while the wearer is in flight and during parachute jumps.

Safety on wet, slippery ship decks is the role of this 19th century American sailor's shoe made from hemp cord, which stays rough and thus provides traction even when wet.

Status is represented by these sandals from the royal court of the Ashanti, in West Africa. The leather soles are cut in the shape of human figures. Adorning each sandal are wooden figures covered with gold leaf one represents the king on his throne (Left); the second, his two wives on another throne.

Decorated woven leather sandals worm by the Hausa people of  West Africa

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