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Exclusive shoes-The moccasin

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The most popular shoe moccasin- which is made from one piece of material- has an ancient lineage.This construction consists of the upper leather wrapped completely under and around the sides of the foot. The apron is sewn to the vamp and gives a tubular effect. Then the sole is cemented or sewn to the upper.
This construction is used in men’s, women’s and children’s dress, casual and leisure type of footwear.
Shoe of this construction is   extremely flexible, light weight and comfortable.
Some of exclusive moccasin:

1. These iroquois moccasins illustrate the basic construction of this type of footwear; one piece of leather that forms a continuous sole and upper. This pair of deerskin moccasins decorated with porcupine quills is about 200 years old.
Moccasin shoe-2
2. From the Zulu culture of southern Africa come these shoes, each constructed from one piece of skin and decorated with a colourful array of bead ornaments.
3. This Ojibwa moccasin with a floral beadwork apron insert is a century old. As well as developing many styles of their own, the Ojibwa also incorporated European decorative techniques and materials, such as the velvet on this model.

4. One-peice moccasin-style construction can be found in European footwear as well as that of the North American native. This opanke is from the Balkan mountains of Romania. 
The moccasin shoe-5

5. This pair of wala shoes from northern China is another example of moccasin-style construction, with an inserted piece of leather on the top.The cow-skin shoes were ofted stuffed whith wula grass of warmth during the winter.
moccasin shoes
Moccasin shoe-6

6. One of the most popular styles of shoes today is loafer based on moccasin construction. A single piece of wraparound leather along with an insert is used for such a shoe but a hard sole is aded.
The moccasin shoe-07

7. Made by Eastern Sioux in what was called Dakota Territory more than 100 years ago, these deerskin moccasins have notable ribbon-work aprons. Ribbons from the European settlers were popular trading items.

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