Saturday, April 25, 2015

Standard Operating Procedure for a Footwear Industry.

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It is important to have a SOP for every manufacturing industry. This article are cover SOP. Lets start with a little introduction.

Introduction: A successful manufacturing business needs a Standard Operating Procedure by which all individual members of the team will work systematically towards a common objective.

This Standard Operating Procedure manual will enable a versatile team to implement & maintain the systems and standards in all the respective departments of the organization to ensure growth & optimum productivity.

A company wants to ship out the right   quantity of shoe in the right quality to the right destination at the right time as agreed by the customer in the most efficient manner. They want to provide high standard of service to achieve maximum customer’s satisfaction. By the use of these Standard Operating Procedures, their team will be able to maintain Consistency both in terms of quality and productivity.

It will enable everyone in this organization to work in a systematic way, contribute his/her best towards achieving company’s desired goal i.e. higher productivity, good quality, service, timely delivery finally greater satisfaction of the customer, employee and the employer as well.

I think this vide will help you to make your SOP.

So this is the introduction of SOP. I will finish it part by part. This is the first part. Stay in touch. To see the next post click here

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