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Glossary of Terms P

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Glossary of Terms P

Pattern- metal. fiberboard, wood or paper forms from the outlines of which are cut the various pieces of the shoe. Quality of patterns determine fit, style and economy of material used. Also refers to the model or style of a shoe.

Piece work- method of paying wages on a basis of the number of pairs or pieces worked on. An agreed price is set per unit for each operation and the worker records the tag numbers of the lots on which he has worked. Employees are remunerated on the number of units completed.

Pigskin- leather made from the skin of pigs or hogs.

Plasticizer- chemical agent added to plastic compositions to make them softer and more flexible.

Piastisols- mixtures of resins and plasticizers which can be molded, cast or converted to continous films by the application of heat. If the mixtures contain volatile thinners also, they are known as Organosols.

Platen- the mounting plate of a press to which the mold assembly is bolted.

Plug- a separate piece of leather inserted in the upper. It is not only an ornamental piece but is also a separate part of the upper pattern.

Polyethylene- a thermoplastic material composed of polymers of ethylene. It is normally a translucent, tough, waxy solid which is unaffected by water and a large range of chemicals. It is used for extrusion-cast plastic lasts, injection molded parts such as counters and shanks, and extrusion-blown film for packaging.

Polyurethane resins- a family of resins produced by reacting di-isocyanate with organic compounds containing two or more active hydrogens to form polymers having free isocyanate groups. These groups under the influence of heat or certain catalysts will react to form thermosetting materials. Polyurethanes are widely used as the finish for patent leathers, for the outer, breathable layer of manmade poromeric shoe upper materials, for adhesives, for heel lifts and for outsoles.

Polyvinyl chloride(PVC)- a thermoplastic material composed of polymers of vinyl chloride; a colorless solid with outstanding resistance to water, alcohols and concentrated acids and alkalies. It is obtainable in the form of granules, solutions, latices and pastes. Compounded with plasticizer it yields a flexible material superior to rubber in aging properties. It is widely used plastic for footwear applications, particularly for unit soles or direct molded outsoles. Also widely used for PVC coated fabric uppers, extruded welting, in cellular form for insoles.

Poromeric material- term coined by dupont, originally defined as a microporous and permeable coriaceous sheet material comprising a urethane polymer material reinforced with polyester. Used generically to describe manmade shoe upper materials which are generally similar in nature and appearance to leather and, in particular have a comparable permeability to water vapor.

Pulling over- Operation in which upper of a shoe is pulled over the last.

[Note: Please forgive me if the chemical names spelling are wrong.]
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